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Check out our curated collection of sparkling water makers and fruit infused carbonators. Featuring patented technology and features you need to add a sparkle to any beverage. 

Why choose a FIZZPod?

Fizz together. Sparkle forever.

Whether it's with friends, colleagues, or your family, there is something special about creating something together that you all can enjoy. From cocktails to kid's drinks, that is exactly what FIZZPod does. It brings people together, and results in amazing new beverages every day!

A taste of herbal tea exploding with berryness, a hint of vanilla, a zip of line, and the delightful burst of popping boba, all as the tiny fizzy bubbles tickle your nose. You will enjoy this!
  • 1 min read
Have you ever had a fizzy tequila cocktail before? Do you lust after strawberry and pineapple beverages? Do you like your drink to bite back a little? Then you'll love this!

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