Drinkpod 5000 Pro Series - XL Large Capacity Bottleless Purification Water Cooler With Extra Set of Filters

Color: Black

Purification Technology:ULTRA+3 (~0.02 µ four stage filter)

Purification Details:

Dimensions:Width 14.96in x Height 48.8in x Depth 15.35in

Top Features:

Mechanical Dispensers and Stainless Steel Tanks

The 5000 Series Extra High Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser offers a stylish design that's a step beyond your average Water Dispenser. Its sleek and compact frame fits into any modern kitchen or office, looking classy while taking up little space. Plus, with its Full Installation Kit Included - you'll be able to install the Drinkpod 5000 Series with ease from start to finish. As a bonus, the Drinkpod 5000 features Café Connection, to supply your pure water to a second appliance (like a coffee machine or ice maker). Quench your thirst with 4 powerful NSF Certified Water Filters that will keep you hydrated all day long.


  • XL HIGH CAPACITY:  Featuring extra-large internal high-capacity water tanks, The Drinkpod 5000 Series will constantly supply enough water for high traffic areas, up to 40 people. (3 Gallon Cold Tank - 1 Gallon Hot Tank)


  • WATER BOTTLE FACTORY: It transforms your existing tap water into deliciously pure water with its ULTRA+4 Purification System.


  • ADVANCED PURIFICATION: Ultra 4+ advanced purification system: concealed within the DRINKPOD cabinet are four dedicated scrub pods that make up the ULTRA +4 advanced purification system, these include a Particulate Scrub (Sediment) chemical/organic scrub (Per-Carbon), ULTRA scrub (UF Membrane), and a polishing scrub (Post Carbon), one set of these extended life filters will last an entire year for the average household replacement is as simple with the Quick Connect mounting system


  • TEMPERATURE OPTIMIZED: Rather than waiting for your bottled water to chill, or an appliance to heat your water, the Water Dispenser provides instant water in cold, and hot temperatures.


  • HOME PURIFICATION HUB: Wish you could have purified coffee or ice too? This Drinkpod 5000  is equipped with Ice/Café Connect, and can provide purified water for up to 2 additional appliances, like your ice-maker and coffeemaker.


NSF Certified Filters Included:

  • 1x Particulate Scrub Filter Pod (Sediment)
  • 1x Chemical Scrub Filter Pod (Pre-Carbon)
  • 1x ULTRA Scrub Filter Pod (UF Membrane)
  • 1x Polishing Scrub Filter Pod (Post Carbon)

Filter Media:

Warranty: 1-Year Full Warranty

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Mechanical Dispensers and Stainless Steel Tanks

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