RV Inline Water Filter, NSF Filtration, RVs, Marines, Boats, Campers & More

Model: YW003-N    Certification: NSF

Key Feature

•[NSF Certified Material] NSF-certified natural coconut shell activated carbon can remove Chlorine, odor, VOC, and THMs to provide healthy and pure water.
•[Multiple Uses] The filter fits any standard 3/4" garden hose thread. Filling above-ground pools, kiddie pools, spas, hot tubs, and ponds, outdoor pet baths, spot-free car washes, watering gardens & more.
•[Long Service Time] Active carbon garden hose pre-filter Filters up to 8,000 gallons and makes hard water soft by removing minerals, heavy metals, and sediment.
•[Flexible Hose Protector] The anti-kink flexible hose protector can help prevent the water hose from kinking and straining.
•[Easy to Use] Attach the hose to the pre-filter and turn it on. Allow water to flow for 30 seconds before placing the hose in your pool or spa to fill it.


W x H x D

Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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