A self-cleaning water cooler. Drinkpod 6 ELITE Series.

No power required. Introducing the Hydrate, a new affordable type of countertop purifier.

An under the sink solution that can go 20,000 gallons without a filter change.

Experience the safety and efficiency of our ultra portable magnetic induction cooktops.

wholesome. affordable.

We strive to create products that are wholesome for your family or employees - but priced affordably for the average person.

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Save & upgrade your fridge filter

Upgrade from your OEM filters to our top grade refrigerator replacement water filters. They feature our +3 Advanced Purification Technology and they'll save you money!

Water purification solutions & replacement filters

We have a broad selection of water filtration products, including POU systems, high flow water filters, reverse osmosis, water filter pitchers, shower filters, and universal replacement cartridges.

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