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ULTRA Filter Replacement Pod

This is a replacement filter pod for compatible Drinkpod water purification appliances (with EZ-twist swapping systems) and Kenmore Water Optimizers. It is intended to replace the ULTRA Scrub filter in the Drinkpod 100 Series, or the ULTRA Filter in Kenmore Countertop Water Optimizers. Filter utilizes submicron hollow fiber membranes to reduce suspended solids, bacteria, colloidal silica, pyrogens, and large organic molecules - passing only water and low molecular weight elements through the membrane’s fibers. Rated for an average lifespan of 1425 gallons and/or 12 - 18 months. Lifespan may vary based on water source quality.


Replaces the #4 internal slot on the Kenmore KM5K and the Drinkpod SW5K.


W x H x D


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