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ULTRA+3 Hybrid Filter Replacement Pod

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This is a replacement filter pod for compatible Drinkpod water purification appliances (with EZ-twist swapping systems) and Kenmore Water Optimizers. It is intended to replace the ULTRA+3 Hybrid Scrub filter in the Drinkpod 1000 Pro Series, or the ULTRA+3 Hybrid Filter in Kenmore Countertop Water Optimizers. Filter utilizes submicron hollow fiber membranes to reduce suspended solids, bacteria, colloidal silica, pyrogens, and large organic molecules; as well as larger particulates like rust flakes, sand grains, dirt, and cysts. This filter also features an activated carbon block that improves your water's taste, smell, color, and overall safety; and chemically reduces common disinfection byproducts (THMs), organic contaminants like chlorinated solvents, industrial pollutants, and pesticides. Rated for an average lifespan of 790 gallons and/or 4 - 6 months. Lifespan may vary based on water source quality.


Replaces the internal filter on the Kenmore KM1000, KM1000B, and the Drinkpod DP1000 and DP1000B.


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