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Quick-Connect RO Scrub Filter Pod


Reverse osmosis is the most powerful type of water filtration commercially available, and ours utilizes the world’s leading RO element. It is designed to prevent the propagation of germs, and eliminate water contaminants such as microorganisms, harmful organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and radioactive materials, as well as salt, iron, fluoride, lead, bacteria, odor, bad taste, and color matter melted into your water.



RO uses pressure to force water with a high concentration of a contaminant through a semipermeable membrane. The water can pass back through the membrane, but the contaminant cannot, thus removing the contaminant from the water.



RO Membrane Filter eliminates all pollutants such as heavy metals, virus, bacteria and organic chemicals through stomata with the size of 0.0001 um, which is 1/1,000,000 of the thickness of human hair. The membrane element is supplied in dry condition to have more shelf life (12 months). To maintain the highest quality standards, the thin film of membrane sheet is manufactured through an automated process, by DOW Chemical in the United States. The results in more stable, longer lasting elements.



Manufactured from independently certified NSF compliant materials. This cartridge is suitable for water purification in all home, commercial, and foodservice applications.


W x H x D

Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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