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Quick-Connect RO+3+ENRICH Filter Pods Package


Filter replacement package includes:

  • 1x Particulate Scrub Filter Pod (Sediment)
  • 1x Chemical Scrub Filter Pod (Pre-Carbon)
  • 1x RO Scrub Filter Pod (Reverse Osmosis)
  • 1x Polishing Scrub Filter Pod (Post Carbon)
  • 1X ENRICH Scrub Filter Pod (PH/Bio)



  • Particulate Scrub
    This filter utilizes a nano-fiber woven particulate barrier and silver to remove sediments & elements such as lead, such as dirt, sand, and other particles that may cause cloudiness.
  • Chemical Scrub
    This filter utilizes compressed free carbons absorb chemical and pharmaceutical pollutants, and eliminate chlorine, lead, and organic contaminants, as well as remove odors, and improve of taste.
  • RO (Membrane) Scrub
    Reverse osmosis is the most powerful type of water filtration commercially available, and ours utilizes the world’s leading RO element. It is designed to prevent the propagation of germs, and eliminate water contaminants such as microorganisms, harmful organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and radioactive materials, as well as salt, iron, fluoride, lead, bacteria, odor, bad taste, and color matter melted into your water.
  • Polishing Scrub
    This filter utilizes an activated carbon block, designed to prevent the propagation of germs, and eliminate odor, bad taste, and color matter melted into your water.
  • ENRICH Scrub
    This filter adds a special blend of minerals for that pure, crisp, fresh taste. It is a specially designed mineral filter that provides essential minerals to our body. This is achieved by utilizing special formations of Calcium, Anti bacterial, Hydrogen Reducing, FIR (far infrared rays)  Mineral balls.

    Provides trace amounts of mineral / nutrient boost of calcium and magnesium.Drinkpod USA uses a revolutionary filter technology that increases alkalinity levels between 7.365ph & 7.9+ to restore PH balance. It also lowers the O.R.P(Oxygen Reduction Potential) to -250mv, exactly the same as what a water ionizer that can costs thousands does! Essentially, what this filter does is adds beneficial minerals such as calcium, and magnesium, creating hydrogen rich water with anti-oxidants.It simply doesn’t get any healthier!Product Hydrogen(H) and reduction to rise up Hydrogen ion density improvement of erase function to anti-oxidation by strengthening(-mV) with ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential.


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