miniEZ-Twist Scale+3 Hybrid Filter Pods Package


Filter replacement package includes:

  • 2x +3 Hybrid Scrub Filter Pod (miniEZ-Twist)


  • Particulate Scrub
    This filter utilizes a nano-fiber woven particulate barrier and silver to remove sediments & elements such as lead, such as dirt, sand, and other particles that may cause cloudiness.
  • Chemical Scrub
    Absorbs chemical and pharmaceutical pollutants, and eliminate chlorine, lead, and organic contaminants, as well as remove odors, and improve of taste.
  • Polishing Scrub
    This filter utilizes an activated carbon block, designed to prevent the propagation of germs, and eliminate odor, bad taste, and color matter melted into your water.
  • Scale Control
    Scale inhibitor is designed to eliminate scale and other contaminants that are present.


For more information, see additional details sections underneath 'TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS'.


W x H x D

Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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