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Universal Ice Maker Water Line Kit | Standard 1/4" | Water Filter | RO Systems

  • Easily connects from any Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System. ( RO water Filters), Under Sink Water Filters and any filtered water system. The Drinkpod Ice Maker Water Line Kit will produce the same quality filtered water from your appliance , direct to connect with your refrigerator ice maker.
  • The Ice Maker Water Line Kit will provide crisp, clear & delicious pure ice cubes and Reverse Osmosis Water from your refrigerator ice dispenser.
  • The Right Compression Fitting. Fits all threaded ice maker connections. 1 part instead of 3. No Leaks.Drinkpod Ice Maker Water Line Installation kit Includes 20 feet of 1/4 inch water tubing, 1 compression (threaded) to quick connector adaptor, one 3-way Tee , 1 Shut-Off Valve, 6 retainer clips
  • This icemaker Water line Kit Works with most reverse osmosis and water filter systems using 1/4" standard tubing.
  • Easy Installation to connect with any RO water System, Under Sink Water Filter, Faucet Mount Water Filter and filtered water appliances.


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