Brita Compatible Classic Water Filter Pitcher - Compatible by Bluefall

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Enjoy all the convenience of a classic water filter pitcher at a more affordable price with Bluefall's Brita Compatible Classic Water Filter Pitcher. This perfect-fit pitcher is compatible with Brita filters and costs more than 40% less than traditional Brita filters. Enjoy a natural-tasting and clean drink experience at an unbeatable price.


All Bluefall PitcherPod filters feature the Drinkpod +4 Advanced Purification process. Our filters are manufactured to be lead free, with natural coconut-based carbon and sodium-free resin, and BPA-free housings, in an ISO9001 facility. Additionally, all components and materials meet EC 1935/2004 EU regulations.



  • Up to 50,000 sq ft. That's the combined surface area of just one PitcherPod's carbon media. Each activated carbon granule in our filter media has a unique structure made of of micro and mesopores, which can have a surface area 30x the size of their radius.
  • How do you quadruple scrub water? With the millions of micropores, ADSORPTION, and ion exchange we utilize in our +4 Advanced Purification process that include a Particle Scrub, Chemical Scrub, Polishing Scrub, and Softening Scrub.
  • A guaranteed fit. Every FridgePod filter's compatibility and fit have been verified through manufacturer testing and are guaranteed to fit.
  • Pay for the quality, not the logo. With Bluefall, quality and the 'logo tax' are not mutually exclusive. Our filters are manufactured in ISO factories, with premium features like BPA-free housing, with natural coconut shell based carbon, and non-sodium resin.
  • Save time and money. Save more when you buy our broad selection of Bluefall filter value packs. Packs range from 2 - 12 filters, depending on filter model.


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Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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