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Drinkpod 5 Elite Series - Countertop Water Cooler - Ultra+3 Advanced Purification

Purification Technology:ULTRA+3 (~0.02 µ four stage filter)

Purification Details:

Dimensions:Width 13.58in x Height 17.32in x Depth 17.91in

Top Features:

Pure Home Hub (accessory connect), Mechanical Dispensers, Stainless Steel Tanks, Fast Filter Swapping, and Pure Ice / Pure Coffee Connect

Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser with 3 Stage Purification, Complete Installation Kit and Cafe Connect

  • BOTTLELESS WATER COOLER: The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Series high-end bottleless water cooler connects to a water source that will supply a steady stream of delicious pure water with instant chilled or hot water for all your office family needs.
  • ULTRA +3 ADVANCED PURIFICATION: Included with the Drinkpod Water Dispenser are 3 multi layered water filters that make up the ULTRA +3 advanced purification system featuring a chemical and organic scrub, ULTRA scrub, and polishing scrub providing a reliable 3 Stage water filtration, for impeccable clarity pure drinking water.
  • GET PURE WATER FOR YOUR COFFEE OR ICE: The novelty Café-Connect feature of the Drinkpod Elite 5 Series water cooler dispenser allows you to connect your water cooler to a coffee maker or fridge ice maker. Deliver top-standard water to your other appliance.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Water Cooler Dispenser comes with a full installation kit , optional parts to connect to another appliance, detailed instructions with illustrations and 3 filters consisting of 1 x carbon water filter, 1 x UF membrane water filter and 1 x polishing post carbon water filter.


The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser is slim and attractive that will add a beautiful touch to any home or office setting. Featuring 3 powerful multi stage water filters and two independent temperature modes, this bottleless water cooler is outfitted to meet and exceed all your drinking needs. From a piping hot cup of Chai tea, or a crisp refreshing glass of chilled delicious pure water, every drop from the water cooler dispenser will leave you wanting more. The Drinkpod 2000 Elite 5 Series water dispenser connects to an existing water line to supply delicious fresh pristine pure water though its ULTRA +3 Pod technology easily accessible outside the water cooler dispenser A complete installation kit is included with a detailed easy to read manual and illustrations to get you set up in less than 30 minutes. The Bottleless Water Cooler is also equipped with Ice/Café Connect and can provide refreshing delicious water for up to 2 additional appliances like your ice-maker and coffeemaker.



Cold Water Storage: 0.92GAL

Hot Water Storage: 0.26 GAL

Filter Media:

Warranty: 1-Year Full Warranty

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Pure Home Hub (accessory connect), Mechanical Dispensers, Stainless Steel Tanks, Fast Filter Swapping, and Pure Ice / Pure Coffee Connect

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