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Mavea/Brita Maxtra Compatible Water Filter Pitcher - Compatible by Bluefall

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So it's time to replace your water pitcher filter. If you're looking for premium OEM quality without paying double for the logo on the label, this filter pack is for you.


All Bluefall PitcherPod filters feature the Drinkpod +4 Advanced Purification process. Our filters are manufactured to be lead free, with natural coconut-based carbon and sodium-free resin, and BPA-free housings, in an ISO9001 facility. Additionally, all components and materials meet EC 1935/2004 EU regulations.



  • Up to 50,000 sq ft. That's the combined surface area of just one PitcherPod's carbon media. Each activated carbon granule in our filter media has a unique structure made of of micro and mesopores, which can have a surface area 30x the size of their radius.
  • How do you quadruple scrub water? With the millions of micropores, ADSORPTION, and ion exchange we utilize in our +4 Advanced Purification process that include a Particle Scrub, Chemical Scrub, Polishing Scrub, and Softening Scrub.
  • A guaranteed fit. Every FridgePod filter's compatibility and fit have been verified through manufacturer testing and are guaranteed to fit.
  • Pay for the quality, not the logo. With Bluefall, quality and the 'logo tax' are not mutually exclusive. Our filters are manufactured in ISO factories, with premium features like BPA-free housing, with natural coconut shell based carbon, and non-sodium resin.
  • Save time and money. Save more when you buy our broad selection of Bluefall filter value packs. Packs range from 2 - 12 filters, depending on filter model.


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Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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