Polishing Filter Replacement Pod

This is a replacement filter pod for compatible Drinkpod water purification appliances (with EZ-twist swapping systems) and Kenmore Water Optimizers. It is intended to replace the Polishing Scrub filter in the Drinkpod 100 Series, or as an alternative to the ULTRA+3 Scrub in the Drinkpod 1000 Pro Series; and the Polishing Filter in Kenmore Freestanding Water Optimizers, and as an alternative to the ULTRA+3 Filter in Kenmore Countertop Water Optimizers. Filter utilizes an activated carbon block to improve your water's taste, smell, color, and overall safety. Also, chemically reduces common disinfection byproducts (THMs), organic contaminants like chlorinated solvents, industrial pollutants, and pesticides. Rated for an average lifespan of 950 gallons and/or 6 - 12 months. Lifespan may vary based on water source quality.


Replaces the #4 internal slot on the Kenmore KM5K and the Drinkpod SW5K. Also compatible to use as an extended life and higher flow rate alternative for the internal filter slot on the Kenmore KM1000 and KM1000B, and the Drinkpod DP1000 and DP1000B.


W x H x D

Warranty:30 Days Sealed In Original Package

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